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Maroc Glen o Dee Level C, 11/01/2015

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Brown (length: 8.3km, climb: 210m, 21 controls)

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Point calculations
1,194.84 + (68.24 x (5,156.65 - T)) / 966.40
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Tim GomersallBOFM199200:56:121321
2Jack GomersallGRAMPM199501:08:181270
3Ewan McMillanMAROCM199801:08:281269
4Joseph WrightEUOCM200001:11:09
5Roger CoombsMAROCM195701:13:191248
6Andrew McMurtrieMAROCM196801:17:261231
7Mark StocktonGRAMPM198101:19:011224
8Gareth YardleyGRAMPM196601:19:061224
9Ewen KerridgeMAROCM199701:20:181219
10Sam GomersallGRAMPM196101:20:301218
11Ian HamiltonGRAMPM196001:28:331184
12Andy TivendaleMAROCM194601:32:161168
13Carolyn McLeodGRAMPF196401:34:321158
14Chris LowMAROCM196001:35:341154
15Robert DalyGRAMPM195701:35:401154
16Matthew ParkesRAFOM197501:40:071135
17Iain McLeodGRAMPM196001:45:191113
18Rachel ScottGRAMPF196502:06:241023
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