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Scolty Level C, 13/09/2015

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Green (length: 4.5km, climb: 145m, 10 controls)

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Point calculations
1,011.46 + (121.28 x (3,658.54 - T)) / 866.56
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Naomi LangGRAMPF200000:34:47
2Matthew GoochEUOCM200200:35:18
3Marsela McLeodINVOCF196400:42:381165
4John LangGRAMPM196600:45:211143
5John GetliffM200100:45:55
6Luke GrahamMAROCM200100:46:36
7Megan RickettsMAROCF199900:47:281125
8Jeremy HuthwaiteGRAMPM196800:50:271100
9Sean O'SullivanMAROCM198000:51:181093
10Matthew ParkesRAFOM197500:52:451081
11Claire GallagherGRAMPF197800:53:031078
12Ailsa AndersonGRAMPF200100:53:45
13Bob SheridanMAROCF000000:56:08
14John LileyGOM195700:57:491038
15Peter CraigMAROCM194500:59:351023
16Joan NobleINVOCF194701:02:58995
17Chris AustGRAMPM194801:05:44972
18Nigel RobinsonGRAMPM196401:14:51895
19Colin DonaldMAROCM197101:24:03818
20Margaret McMillanMAROCF196401:24:55810
21Margit MatthewsMAROCF196701:25:04809
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