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NI Colour Series 6, 12/11/2016

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Green (length: 5.125km, 16 controls)

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Point calculations
921.69 + (122.70 x (6,737.70 - T)) / 1,490.86
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Wilbert HollingerLVOM194801:16:021101
2Heather WoodGENW196601:18:57
3Ben McCombLVOM197601:20:181080
4Violet LintonLVOF197201:20:331078
5Stephen BlackNWOCM200101:21:44
6Andrew LennoxLVOM198201:24:171060
7Katarina SmickovaLVOF199001:29:231035
8Colin SmithLVOM196601:30:401028
9Ellen SmithLVOF200101:33:43
10Nigel JC Foley-FisherMNAVM195101:34:08
11Dan EarnshawLVOM200301:36:44
12Gavin CairnsLVOM196801:37:38994
13Mark PruzinaLVOM196301:42:33970
14Guy HoustonM199501:42:43
15Ben HollywoodM199601:44:37
16Ann SavageLVOF195501:45:04957
17Helen BaxterLVOF195501:47:02948
18Gerard MeehanNWOCM195701:48:15942
19Tommy BurkeFINM195601:48:33
20Michael MurphyLVOM196001:52:56919
21Richard WilliamsonLVOM195001:55:03908
22Harry BellLVOM194902:12:38821
23Barbara Foley-FisherMNAVW195102:15:04
24SHAUN HENRYLVOM196402:16:28802
25Bill SimpsonLVOM195102:17:14799
26Alison CollinsLVOF196402:17:59795
27Sinead MulvaneyLVOF197702:37:59696
-Eileen YoungFINW197101:28:54
-Sarah AckroydW199501:52:01
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