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Eurocity Race Tour weekend (Urban event), 04/11/2018

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5 (length: 3.9km, 19 controls)

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Point calculations
836.25 + (123.06 x (3,358.77 - T)) / 728.11
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Christine KiddierBLF195200:39:101007
2Janice NisbetESOCF195300:39:361002
3Liz GodfreeDVOF194800:41:19985
4Judy JohnsonBLF195100:41:38982
5Jillyan DobbyMDOCF195100:43:27963
6Miriam RosenSROCF194900:43:34962
7Alan RosenHHM195500:47:19924
8Susan StevensAIREF195300:47:19924
9Mary NixonSOCF194900:47:26923
10Liz DrewCLAROF194900:47:28923
11Enrada CepeleESOCF198800:49:22903
12Rosie ShawSMOCF195000:49:23903
13Gillian RossEPOCF194800:50:41890
14Marie RobertsMDOCF195800:50:49889
15Jean PayneDEEF195300:51:05886
16Guy GoodairEPOCM193600:51:35881
17Lynn BranfordWIMF195000:52:52868
18Jen GaleDVOF194600:53:57857
19Maureen WebbLEIF195300:54:06855
20Jean LochheadSELOCF194600:57:30821
21Jackie PageEPOCF195001:00:46788
22Jonathan LeeLEIM196301:01:39
23David WalkerMDOCM194101:02:06774
24Isobel JonesCLYDEF199801:02:40768
25Peter MarettCLOKM194301:03:06764
26Peter DargueLEIM195401:03:39758
27Mary CarrickHALOF194901:06:14732
28Irene CrawshawMDOCF194401:10:17691
29Steve BurgeLOCM194201:11:46676
30Susanne LevinsonEPOCF195401:16:46625
31Brian YatesESOCM194401:16:50625
32Caroline BarchamSELOCF196301:21:15580
33Alison DoyleMDOCF194901:39:21396
34Angela CoxWATOW195801:45:28
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