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Peter Palmer Junior Team Relays, 08/09/2019

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Red1 (length: 4.725km, climb: 110m, 20 controls)

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Point calculations
1,182.39 + (102.84 x (1,966.27 - T)) / 462.85
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Joe SunleyEUOCM200300:24:381291
2Adam ConwayM200300:24:411290
3Stanley HeapEUOCM200100:25:021286
4Felix LunnCUOCM200200:25:061285
5Anton TornqvistM200300:26:34
6Matthew ClarkeSUFFOCM200100:28:501235
7Dominic DakinSYOM200100:30:031219
8Arvid RoosM200100:30:40
9Tommy HeapSOM200500:32:15
10Dil WetherillWAOCM196400:33:231174
11Aimee DarleyW200300:39:07
12Claudine HodgsonSYOF200300:39:591086
13Moa LundinW200300:40:04
14Alex ElliotSYOF200300:40:521074
15Hannah FreemanHHF200300:41:241067
16Herbie AshworthWCOCM200400:43:47
17Francesca BayneHHF200300:43:521034
18Amelia WingW200500:45:29
19Carys ThomasEUOCF200300:46:31999
20Charlotte SladeSNF200800:53:13
21Alfred HallSYOM200400:57:34
22Isabelle HodgsonSYOF200200:57:51848
23Euan RaesideSOM200301:00:36811
24Austin HoweSAXM200601:03:12
25Matthew DerrickM200401:14:44
26Simreth DhingraSOM200701:15:38
-Nic BarrettM200300:37:24
-Reuben ChantlerM200500:48:24
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