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Peter Palmer Junior Team Relays, 08/09/2019

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Red2 (length: 4.75km, climb: 110m, 20 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Sam Leitch (nM200100:25:33
2Thomas HowellSNM200100:26:38
3Samuel LeitchEUOCM200100:28:46
4Charlie RennieWCOCM200300:29:22
5Alex FieldingHHM200300:30:58
6Adam MethvenM200500:33:08
7Max MobusSYOM200400:33:27
8Matthew MorrisSYOM200400:35:03
9Pelle NilssonM200300:35:28
10Thomas RollinsSNM200700:37:21
11Wilfrid TeasdaleWCOCM200500:37:41
12Emils UmmersSOM200400:38:31
13Benjamin TownsendSYOM200600:38:41
14Ilya SchippersSOM200300:39:22
15Tina Mills-HicksW200500:39:24
16Nathan ChappleODM200300:40:14
17Robin BlakeM200700:40:40
18Joni Muller av UhrW200300:40:42
19Olmo CombleySYOM200500:40:56
20Barney Steventon-BarnesSUFFOCM200400:41:34
21Robbie LightfootSYOM200800:42:19
22Tiago PereiraM200100:46:44
23Clare RodgerWCOCF200400:46:47
24Axel GidlundM200300:49:00
25Sarah DarleyW200500:49:56
26Joseph DerrickM200400:59:36
27Toby PriorSAXM200501:03:43
-Leo BloomfieldM200300:50:17
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