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MOR Regional Event - Lossie Forest, 04/11/2017

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Green (length: 5.2km, climb: 60m, 14 controls)

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Point calculations
998.39 + (83.60 x (5,205.32 - T)) / 693.78
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Hannah KinghamMORF200400:55:31
2Finlay RaynorINVOCM200400:58:48
3Oscar ShepherdINVOCM200401:00:09
4Paul CouttsMORM196801:04:551156
5William YoungMORM196801:06:421143
6Steve SmirthwaiteMORM195801:09:291123
7Neil McLeanGRAMPM194301:12:171103
8Ken NaismithINVOCM194401:15:231081
9Shauna PerryMORF200101:16:101075
10George ReynoldsINVOCM194401:19:231052
11Lynne WalkerBASOCF195301:21:421035
12Paul FrostBASOCM195701:23:421020
13Alison MathesonINVOCF197001:23:561019
14Guy SeamanINVOCM194901:26:071003
15Eddie HarwoodMORM195201:27:48991
16John PullenM197201:28:35985
17Caroline HornbyMORF196401:31:04967
18Elizabeth KenyonMORF197001:35:15937
19Stephen WisemanMORM196401:35:20936
20Hilary ScottBASOCF195301:38:53911
21Elizabeth FurnessMORF195501:39:06909
22Mairi NicolsonINVOCF197501:40:16901
23rhona fraserESOCF195401:40:52896
24David SpencerMORM200401:45:14
25Carole ChapmanLOGF196201:45:56860
26Scott PerryMORM200401:49:20
27Joanne SimpsonINVOCF197401:52:28813
-David BryantMAROCM196201:56:23
-Kevin HollidayINVOCM196801:25:00
-Joan NobleINVOCF194701:38:35
-Lesley GormanBASOCF195802:07:49
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