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Local and schools event, 20/01/2018

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Orange (length: 2.3km, climb: 60m)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Benjamin TownsendSYOM200600:21:24
2Frederick EmmettSYOM200500:22:24
3William GarnettSYOM200400:22:24
4Dylan JenkinsonSYOM200500:22:27
5Robbie LightfootSYOM200800:22:29
6Henry McDonaldSYOM200500:22:44
7Alfred HallSYOM200400:28:29
8James BryantSYOM200700:29:04
9Joseph GuySYOM200800:29:15
10Matthew MorrisSYOM200400:29:29
11Amelia Phillips00:31:06
12Anna ToddSYOF200800:32:44
13Sidney Werner00:35:23
14John DoyleSYOM200700:42:23
15Daniel HillSYOM200500:45:07
16Daniel Cridland00:53:07
17Sylvia FaggSYOF200800:53:28
18Sophie Howsam01:05:32
-Luke Grierson ret21:26:01
-Euan TrynerSYOM200400:17:04
-Dylan Willetts mp21:31:03
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