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OD WMOA League Event 9 & Club Champs Brandon Woods, 27/10/2019

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Blue (length: 6.3km, climb: 45m, 22 controls)

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Point calculations
1,114.57 + (85.76 x (3,965.15 - T)) / 825.93
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Alistair LandelsODM196800:44:271249
2Oliver FlippanceODM200200:46:091239
3Lesley RossODF196600:50:221212
4David LawsonODM196300:50:331211
5Simon ThompsonHOCM196500:52:331199
6Alex MorganHOCM196400:53:171194
7Philip EelesSOCM195500:53:381192
8Chris McCartneyHOCM196900:55:201182
9Anne StraubeODF197500:57:251169
10David BrownWCHM197301:00:241150
11Tanya TaylorLOGF197001:00:261150
12Ian ChaferHOCM196501:05:041121
13Paul GoodheadDVOM196101:06:001115
14Brian HughesHOCM194701:06:031115
15Ian HopkinsWREM196601:06:361111
16Alastair PatersonLEIM196701:07:331105
17Ben FlippanceODM197701:11:491079
18Ian ByrneSMOCM195701:12:191076
19Roman KoteckyODM194901:12:431073
20Adrian BaileyHOCM196601:14:101064
21Daniel RothM197101:14:271062
22Robert BambrookODM197301:14:271062
23Eloise LeeHOCF198701:15:431055
24Andy JohnsonHOCM196301:15:521054
25David PalWREM196601:21:251019
26Oleg PikhurkoM01:25:18
27Ian ProwseNGOCM195201:29:25969
28Gerry SpaltonODM194601:34:36937
29Mark SherriffLEIM196201:35:38930
-Clive RichardsonWREM196600:52:39
-Dave BalesBOFM195501:08:05
-Liam ChappleODM196701:13:01
-Paul WolstenholmeHOCM196101:27:13
-Kevin RossODM196302:45:53
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