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WMOA League Event 10 Titterstone Clee, 10/11/2019

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Brown (length: 9.5km, climb: 345m, 23 controls)

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Point calculations
1,161.69 + (91.24 x (6,205.10 - T)) / 1,275.43
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Mike BarnbyWCHM197801:15:061283
2Tim KieniewiczWREM198301:23:061249
3Henry WebbWCHM200201:23:261247
4Richard CroninNGOCM198901:25:291239
5Alexander MitchellHOCM200201:27:031232
6David LeadleyODM196401:28:111227
7Kath AtkinsHOCF198101:28:411225
8Jim TruemanMDOCM196401:30:401216
9John MiklausicNGOCM197901:32:021211
10Anne StraubeODF197501:34:121201
11Kin Wai LeeHOCM199001:36:191192
12Simon WebbWCHM197401:39:591176
13Heather KieniewiczWREF198501:44:011159
14Tony CallowWREM196601:44:521155
15Robert AtkinsHOCM198001:57:231102
16Russell FinchODM196502:01:501083
17Mark PearsonWREM196002:07:161059
18James ThomasHOCM198802:14:501027
19Marian WhiteWREF196002:21:30998
20Robert RoseHOCM198002:27:06974
21Eric HeritageLEIM195902:32:26951
-Andy HemstedHOCM194901:00:18
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