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WMOA Urban League 1 Redditch, 06/04/2019

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Course 3 (length: 5.6km, climb: 105m, 20 controls)

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Point calculations
1,091.53 + (89.64 x (2,566.84 - T)) / 393.83
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Brian WardHALOM196200:33:581212
2Adrian PicklesWREM195700:34:081210
3Roger ThetfordTVOCM196200:34:391203
4Philip EelesSOCM195500:36:281178
5Mike SnellERYRIM195600:38:061155
6Andrew YeatesWCHM196000:38:341149
7Richard GardnerODM195400:39:021143
8Lesley RossODF196600:39:091141
9Robert ParkinsonNOCM195700:39:191139
10Heather FellbaumFVOF196300:39:411134
11Ray CollinsWCHM195500:40:081128
12Delia KingsburyWREF196500:40:451119
13David VincentDVOM196100:40:571117
14Clive GiddisDEEM196300:41:081114
15Mike GoldthorpeWREM195800:41:571103
16Stephen KimberleyDVOM195800:42:061101
17Karl KingsmanHOCM196400:43:341081
18Helen ParkinsonNOCF196600:44:301068
19David PotterBOKM196200:45:281055
20Diane JacksWREF196800:45:321054
21Ian PickeringHOCM195700:46:171044
22Michelle OxtobyODF197300:49:57994
23Clive CaffallNGOCM196100:51:27973
24Sally HughesWCHF197000:53:16948
25Michael WilkinsonHOCM195700:56:40902
26Kevin RossODM196300:57:05896
27Philip KirkODM195600:59:02870
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