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PFO event and Yvette Baker Trophy Heat, 11/05/2019

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GREEN (length: 4km, climb: 195m, 30 controls)

Other courses: ORANGE | YELLOW | LT. GREEN
Point calculations
1,098.39 + (112.13 x (3,210.11 - T)) / 753.21
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Charlie RennieWCOCM200300:32:441284
2Finlay JohnsonSROCM200200:34:001273
3Mike JohnsonSROCM196000:35:361258
4Danny LusardiSROCM200100:39:031227
5Herbie AshworthWCOCM200400:44:44
6Adam McCreadieDEEM197700:45:431168
7David WatheyMDOCM196500:46:251162
8Benjamin KydMDOCM200300:48:561139
9Graham CapperSROCM195800:49:451132
10Deb MurrellSROCF196600:50:231126
11Jonas HellstromMDOCM197200:51:261117
12Andrew RidgwayNOCM196200:51:411115
13Clare RodgerWCOCF200400:52:02
14Martyn RoomeSROCM195200:52:291107
15Dominic WatheyMDOCM200500:53:03
16Christian WoodPFOM200200:53:461096
17Joseph HerbertMDOCM200400:54:10
18Lynne ThomasWCOCF197000:56:561068
19Isaac MortSROCM200100:57:271063
20Louise DunnSROCF196000:59:551041
21Andrew MortSROCM197001:00:381035
22Eleanor EllisPFOF200301:01:351026
23David HargreavesSROCM195101:01:381026
24George Crawford-SmithPFOM194401:02:401017
25Daisy RennieWCOCF200601:04:04
26Emma CrawfordWCOCF200501:08:08
27Helen RennieWCOCF197301:15:40900
28John NuttallSELOCM194501:18:08878
-Rebecca McCreadieDEEF197601:09:35
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