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Culbin - Regional and Moray & Highland Junior Champs, 02/06/2019

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Blue (length: 6.875km, climb: 90m, 17 controls)

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Point calculations
1,084.52 + (98.93 x (296,454.00 - T)) / 63,336.92
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Daniel HallidayINDM199844:54:00
2Evgueni ChepelinGRAMPM196457:32:00
3Ade ChapmanLOGM196364:00:001188
4Warwick TaylorMORM197466:55:001171
5Katherine TaylorMORF197867:36:001167
6Steven CorriganEBORM195967:51:00
7Francis WilliamsINVOCM197968:03:00
8Colin HallMORM196668:31:001162
9Paul CouttsMORM196870:00:001154
10Elliott HarbottleMORM196972:40:001139
11Faith Kenyon MORF200575:51:00
12Denise MartinMORF196676:19:001118
13Nikki HowardMORF197481:18:001090
14Frances BritainMORF197091:34:001033
15Colin SimpsonINVOCM1966100:44:00981
16Ian ShreadINVOCM1968105:38:00954
17Ali WisemanMORF1973109:29:00932
18Elizabeth KenyonMORF1970109:34:00931
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