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Carse of Ardesier, 24/11/2019

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Green (length: 4.3km, climb: 65m, 16 controls)

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Point calculations
962.94 + (102.03 x (4,226.45 - T)) / 708.44
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Marsela McLeodINVOCF196400:50:591131
2Isobel HowardEUOCF200500:51:49
3Dagmar BorrowmanINVOCF197900:57:09
4Morag McLuckieMORF197200:58:241067
5Ken NaismithINVOCM194400:59:001062
6Ian ShreadINVOCM196801:02:511029
7Karl AthertonINVOCM197301:05:331005
8Angus LairdINVOCM200601:05:59
9Andy TibbsM196401:06:42
10Ida OikkonenMORF200501:06:51
11Karen FraserMORF197601:07:10991
12Carole ChapmanLOGF196201:11:20955
13Elizabeth KenyonMORF197001:15:18921
14Ray WalderM194401:15:52
15Frances BritainMORF197001:16:55907
16Zoe MackenzieINVOCF197501:17:27902
17Finlay SimeINVOCM200401:18:14896
18Phil WaiteM196401:19:40
19Lesley WardSYOF196901:20:44874
20Mary BowmanF199801:23:53
21Jane McNeilF197401:25:52
22Veronica VargasINVOCF196201:34:43753
-Denise MartinMORF196600:58:59
-Joan NobleINVOCF194701:23:09
-Elizabeth FurnessMORF195501:25:06
-Robert and Alison Boyd000001:29:30
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