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Scottish 6 Days - Day 1, 01/08/2021

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C21 (length: 1.825km, climb: 80m, 14 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Hannah ChapmanSYOF201100:20:31
2Rebecca DaleyESOCF201000:23:26
3Matthew HartmanINTM200900:24:23
4Stanley PrestonSYOM201100:25:43
5Felix WoodsSYOM201100:25:59
6Marcus RichardsonNORM201100:28:54
7Ted MurphyDEEM201000:29:39
8Max ChandlerM201100:31:00
9Alys PowellWAOCF201200:32:39
10Charlotte BeaversAIREF201100:33:16
11Naomi NewtonF201100:33:57
12Elysia CoweWAOCF201100:36:26
13Angus JenningsGOM201000:36:37
14James BlackM198600:39:19
15Lucy McManamonTAYF201100:39:21
16Isobel BlackF201100:39:32
17Jonah NewtonM201100:42:57
18Maisie TodhunterSROCF201200:43:49
19Joseph MeredithEBORM201300:47:05
20Finlay RedmondMAROCM201100:48:20
21Jamie ChapmanMAROCM201100:48:55
22Erin CooperSNF201000:52:34
23Anna HoltSYOF201101:07:38
24Lindsey EssonGRAMPF195001:25:07
-Jack BaxterSYOM201100:30:03
-Louis BryantSYOM201200:33:19
-Abigail BlackF201100:39:19
-Betsan PowellWAOCF200800:39:47
-Barry McManamonTAYM201100:48:26
-Sola HolmesWCOCF201200:54:42
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