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CompassSport Cup Heat, 12/03/2022

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Veterans Short Green (length: 3.175km, climb: 160m, 12 controls)

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Point calculations
968.10 + (105.14 x (4,146.30 - T)) / 1,196.46
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Eddie HarwoodMORM195200:36:461139
2Robin SloanRRM194700:48:251077
3Brian BullenFVOM195100:49:591069
4Jane HallidayMORF196000:49:591069
5Tim O'DonoghueSOLWAYM195200:51:431060
6Phil SmithardKFOM194700:52:411055
7Pauline McAdamKFOF195500:54:211046
8Geoffrey HensmanFVOM194800:54:301045
9Doug WoodFVOM194600:55:531038
10Fiona HendrieFVOF196000:56:141036
11Robin StrainELOM195000:57:021032
12Andy TivendaleMAROCM194600:57:401028
13Christine PattersonCLYDEF195900:57:411028
14John CoonECKOM195100:58:381023
15Janice NisbetESOCF195300:59:371018
16Roger ScruttonESOCM194701:02:021005
17Helen BarkerFVOF196001:02:461002
18Ted FinchFVOM195201:03:23998
19Sheelagh NicholAYROCF195701:05:58985
20Sally LindsayESOCF195601:06:25982
21Jim MoffatKFOM195001:07:32976
22Jan KerselECKOF195801:08:07973
23Lynne WalkerBASOCF195301:08:13973
24Douglas HendersonRRM195101:12:09952
25Catherine RooneyRRF196001:12:25951
26Liz OrrCLYDEF196001:17:40923
27Fiona JohnstonRRF196001:18:06921
28Robert PhilpKFOM194501:22:03900
29Donald SmithTAYM195101:22:06900
30rhona fraserESOCF195401:28:35865
31Pat SquireNOCM194701:31:55848
32David EllisonKFOM194501:46:42770
33Helen O'DonoghueSOLWAYF196201:47:32765
34Christine MahonyESOCF195901:48:10762
35Elizabeth CottierECKOF197701:49:12
36John LewisTAYM194701:50:53748
37Duncan ShiellRRM194801:52:10741
-Mary WilliamsESOCF195101:13:24
-Bill StevensonESOCM194901:20:41
-Ian PyrahESOCM194401:23:12
-James Ronald LawrenceSOLWAYM194501:58:30
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