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Scottish Junior Cup - Round 3, 19/09/2021

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Long (length: 7.1km, climb: 215m, 14 controls)

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Point calculations
1,210.18 + (88.70 x (4,904.38 - T)) / 1,406.76
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Will HensmanFVOM197900:55:261310
2Andrew LlewellynFVOM198700:55:421309
3Daniel GoochMAROCM197100:58:001300
4Fraser PurvesFVOM197001:01:331287
5David RobertsonCLYDEM196401:09:061258
6William IvoryINTM197201:09:571255
7Tim DarlowRRM197501:13:271242
8David EadesINTM196701:15:111235
9daniel WhiteheadMAROCM197201:19:101220
10Paul HammondFVOM197601:19:271219
11Steven ScottINVOCM197301:19:371218
12Robert DalyGRAMPM195701:31:121174
13Iain SimeINVOCM197101:41:021137
14Jonathan MolloyFVOM196801:44:541123
15Andy McNamaraAYROCM197301:45:341120
16Rachel ScottGRAMPF196502:28:32957
-Jason InmanFVOM197000:38:58
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