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NWO UKUL Urban Event, 10/07/2022

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Course 1

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Point calculations
1,179.18 + (61.55 x (3,586.80 - T)) / 489.70
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Tom DobraTVOCM199200:42:431308
2Joel TaylorTVOCM200500:51:201243
3Doug StimsonNWOM198200:56:141206
4Robert HuddNWOM199000:57:401195
5Joe ShipcottNWOM199000:58:461187
6Michael CookeBAOCM197500:59:161183
7Peter GilderNWOM197100:59:301181
8Frazer Howe INDM01:00:36
9Jonathan Cronk INDM01:01:51
10Dan BriceNWOM197601:02:001162
11Dylan ShermanOUOCM199501:04:271144
12Jamie HicksSOCM199601:05:111138
13James ThomasHOCM198801:06:491126
14Neville BakerTVOCM195301:13:321075
15Elizabeth Hamer-DaviesMDOCF196501:21:461013
16Tristan Diett INDM01:37:34
17Martin AnderssonWAOCM198801:42:45855
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