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NGOC League, 19/11/2022

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Short Green (length: 3.1km, climb: 145m, 13 controls)

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Point calculations
785.10 + (172.36 x (5,128.33 - T)) / 1,586.83
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Pat MacLeodNGOCM194700:44:261053
2Max Straube-RothODM200900:58:32
3Russ FausetHOCM194701:01:26942
4Matthew FautleyNGOCM196601:04:37921
5Joanna FosterBOKF195701:11:59873
6Rodney ArchardNGOCM194501:12:09872
7Julia WilkinsonHOCF195901:15:45848
8Hugh GaraiNGOCM194901:20:39817
9Alan StringerNGOCM196401:21:47809
10Howard ThomasBOKM194501:23:23799
11Andy PedderNGOCM195501:25:35784
12Hilary NichollsNGOCF196701:35:37719
13Susan ColbertSWOCF194701:55:50587
14Rhiannon FadeyibiNGOCF196201:56:06585
15Trudi JohnsonBOKM000001:57:12
16Gary WakerleyNGOCM195602:12:07481
17Ken StimsonNWOM194602:12:35478
18Brian LaycockHOCM194702:22:35413
-Colette Du ToitNGOCF196201:22:13
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