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Farley Mount Local, 10/04/2022

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Green (length: 4.475km, climb: 80m, 13 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Lisa JamesSOCF196800:41:10
2Martin GoddardSARUMM195800:42:29
3Linda PakulsWIMF195700:46:12
4Peter DavisSOCM195500:46:21
5Scott ElfordWSXM199000:49:57
6Hugh RisebrowSOCM196200:50:21
7Alastair MoirSOCM195400:50:29
8Chris Barrington BrownBAOCM195800:50:48
9Julie HicksINDF000000:51:01
10Iain RobinsonSOCM195400:52:03
11Barry SowerbuttsSOCM195400:53:49
12Rachel RobertsonSOCF196300:55:58
13Rob MullensBKOM197800:57:33
14Denise MullinsSARUMF195101:00:28
15Nicky WareingBOKF197601:02:02
16Stephen SutchSOCM196501:02:32
17Julia LoringSOCF196001:03:02
18Norman WilsonSOCM195101:05:32
19Carolyn Thomson EasterSARUMF000001:05:58
20Helen wheelwrightSOCF195801:06:08
21Andrew HawkerINDM000001:07:40
22Colin HicksSOCM195201:07:43
23Megan WareingBOKF200801:07:46
24Monty Bratcher-HowardWIMM200901:08:09
25Roger HicksINDM000001:08:15
26Sarah HoulderWSXF195901:12:58
27Ian CoweINDM000001:36:45
28James RenfrewINDM000001:48:24
29Matt GreenSOCM197501:48:28
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