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Tollymore weekend NI Colour series 4, 25/06/2022

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Green (length: 4.675km, climb: 245m, 17 controls)

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Point calculations
948.75 + (109.96 x (6,168.80 - T)) / 1,234.73
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Fionne AustinLVOF198001:14:271100
2Mark PruzinaLVOM196301:21:231063
3DAVID WILSONLVOM197201:23:041054
4Fionnuala RoweF200901:26:46
5Jane WilsonLVOF197201:26:521034
6Susan LambeLVOF198001:27:331030
7Niamh BrowneF200901:29:55
8Orla ChurchF200701:31:47
9Nigel J Foley-FisherLVOM195001:34:36993
10Anthony McGonigleNWOCM195301:38:30972
11Mo CloonanF197701:39:01
12Helen BaxterLVOF195501:40:37960
13Andy Barker-PilsworthRAFOM197001:41:44955
14Tivon TynerM200501:41:51
15Eoin O'DonnellM200701:43:11
16Russell MeighanM197701:43:16
17Edith BridcutF196701:46:33
18Liam O'DonnellM200901:47:50
19Richard WilliamsonLVOM195001:54:36886
20Michael MurphyLVOM196002:01:32849
21Barbara Foley-FisherLVOF195102:09:33806
22Nigel McMorrisLVOM196202:11:11797
23Roxanne WhiteF196702:13:42
24Alison CollinsLVOF196402:25:09723
25Ciaran DonaghyM196202:36:47
-Teresa FinlayFERMOF195001:27:20
-Conor MastersonM200701:33:12
-Carrie StewartLVOF198801:36:20
-Joanne McCauleyLVOF197401:46:45
-Fred HamondLVOM195101:59:54
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