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HH Ace of Herts - Egypt Woods - National Event, 05/03/2023

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Very Short Green (length: 3.475km, climb: 65m, 11 controls)

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Point calculations
750.66 + (109.01 x (4,784.45 - T)) / 980.32
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Clive AllenSNM194200:49:15954
2Tim PribulCHIGM194900:53:05929
3Emese SvabHHF197401:06:46837
4Debbie CharltonSMOCF196001:07:21833
5Sue HallettODF194601:08:38825
6Roger BakerTVOCM193201:09:35818
7Simon-Pierre PuechINDM198801:13:59
8Charlotte LariveINDF198801:14:00
9Sally PribulCHIGF195401:19:57749
10Jim MundayBKOM194301:23:46724
11John ThompsonTVOCM193501:24:51717
12Mairi DickinsSARUMF198701:26:10708
13Trudi JohnsonBOKF196801:26:37705
14John FarrenTVOCM193601:29:59682
15John MiddlerODM195201:31:43671
16Liz YeadonSARUMF194601:34:52650
17Hilary SimpsonODF193901:50:23546
18Rosalind WestHAVOCF194801:55:25513
19Barbara WiltshireHHF194801:58:42491
20Freda PeirceSARUMF194102:49:21153
-Jeremy OldershawSAXM193801:05:31
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