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Oxford City Race, 12/02/2022

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5 (length: 3.3km, 12 controls)

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Point calculations
822.74 + (160.48 x (3,691.65 - T)) / 945.20
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Janet RosenHHF195500:39:181049
2Diane LeakeySLOWF195600:39:501044
3Michael HamptonODM194600:42:571012
4Helen RiversGOF195400:48:21957
5Greg BirdseyeTVOCM194500:50:40933
6Wendy CarlyleAIREF195600:51:41923
7Rosalind TauntonNGOCF195000:52:22916
8Pattie BeresfordTVOCF194900:53:46902
9Denise HarperBKOF195000:54:33894
10Richard RaeBKOM194600:54:47891
11Sue HandsWIMF194800:56:29874
12Karin KirkODF194700:57:13867
13Marina PesentiDFOKF197101:02:23814
14Paul Wallace-StockSNM194401:02:56808
15Christine ArtusBKOF195301:03:43800
16Ruth RhodesSOF194201:05:12785
17Christine KingBOKF194901:05:21784
18Annie SandersonF195701:05:34
19Sally CollinsBKOF195101:09:36741
20Mary NixonSOCF194901:10:33731
21Anthony BarrableRAFOM194401:13:32700
22Kate WilliamsTVOCF194901:13:44698
23Charlotte SandersF198201:17:27
24Minhui WeiOUOCF200101:26:03
25David NixonSOCM194401:36:41465
26Jane CoutancheTVOCF194801:38:17448
-Nik WindleTVOCM196200:55:21
-Ben RiversGOM194401:18:52
-Rose BrooksF196702:17:49
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