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STAG's 2nd Cervi's Nox et Dies Weekend - Dies Event - incorporating the 34th Tinto Twin - SoSOL, 05/11/2023

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Light Green Day (length: 3.1km, climb: 75m, 15 controls)

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Point calculations
829.71 + (131.83 x (3,497.00 - T)) / 819.61
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Fraser CheyneFVOM201000:34:18
2Mary WilliamsESOCF195100:39:521007
3Phil SmithardKFOM194700:41:00997
4Olly SimmersESOCM200800:42:08
5Sheila StrainELOF194800:47:21935
6Heather SmithardKFOF194900:57:25838
7Suse CoonECKOF195101:02:34788
8Chris FurseSTAGM196801:06:40749
9Anne ThomESOCF195001:11:16704
10Marcella McLennanTINTOF194701:20:08619
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