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Regional Event, 24/09/2023

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Blue (length: 5.1km, climb: 125m, 21 controls)

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Point calculations
1,076.65 + (75.89 x (5,240.60 - T)) / 855.43
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Paul TaylorSYOM196500:59:301225
2David WilliamsAIREM196201:06:161189
3Peter HainesAIREM195401:07:181183
4Joseph DawsonAIREM200801:12:39
5Patrick SmythNATOM195701:17:151130
6Michael HoodSELOCM195901:17:491127
7Maria MacKenzieEBORF197601:20:501111
8Helena CrutchleyHALOF196301:22:531100
9Peter JonesAIREM195701:23:201098
10Richard WilsonAIREM195301:24:131093
11Jane MorganLOCF196001:25:121088
12Stephen FryCLAROM196501:26:451080
13Paul NormanSYOM196201:30:291060
14Paul WoodAIREM196201:30:551058
15William HicksonCLAROM196401:31:571052
16Michael BurtM195801:32:11
17John LebeterCLAROM195501:33:391043
18James WoodhamAIREM200701:34:051041
19Chris PennyAIREM196201:37:321022
20James WetherillEPOCM196801:43:37990
21Robin Culshaw-GrovesAIREF198901:48:19965
22Julian LaileySROCM194601:50:13955
23Stan AppletonCLAROM194801:58:22912
24David DannMDOCM195602:17:57807
25Nia MayF198803:12:23
-Alex HobbsBAOCM199701:13:05
-david downesWCOCM195401:21:02
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