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Regional Event, 24/09/2023

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Green (length: 4.1km, climb: 80m, 18 controls)

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Point calculations
973.99 + (101.61 x (4,825.09 - T)) / 1,276.80
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Steve WhiteheadEBORM195100:50:051119
2Dave BrownHALOM195700:58:461077
3Martyn RoomeSROCM195200:59:501072
4Jemima ParkerCLAROF196801:05:271045
5Donald PurvesEBORM195901:05:581043
6Tony DaviesSROCM194801:06:221041
7jill smithEBORF195401:08:361030
8Eric BurtonSELOCM195901:10:161022
9Anna BeeverSHUOCF200101:11:261017
10Julie CouchEPOCF195801:11:281017
11David DayCLAROM194801:11:461015
12Sophie BrownAIREF197101:12:521010
13Shirley WoodAIREF195801:14:071004
14Megan RobinsonAIREF200701:16:06995
15Joy MellorEPOCF194501:21:16970
16Barrie SpeakeEBORM194101:24:59952
17Janet LeakeEBORF195901:25:56948
18Neil CroasdellEPOCM194801:30:13927
19Allen BarnesCLAROM194201:32:28916
20Roy LindsellEPOCM194401:33:23912
21William DehanyCLOKM195301:33:51910
22Ricardo Telmo Alves FernandesHALOM197301:35:53900
23Christine RobinsonF196301:38:07
24Rebecca GrayAIREF198901:44:12860
25Ian RobsonEBORM195001:46:41849
26David BowmanAIREM197301:47:12846
27Richard RobinsonAIREM197402:13:05723
28Ginny AndersonPFOF195602:21:22683
29Sima PowellAIREF196802:34:09622
-Susan RoomeSROCF195200:58:19
-David ShelleyAIREM195201:24:35
-Colin DrurySYOM194701:28:41
-Helen O'HanlonAIREF196301:38:12
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