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Icenian Day 2 - CompassSport Cup Heat, 19/02/2023

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Short Green Vets (length: 4.4km, climb: 15m, 14 controls)

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Point calculations
817.76 + (168.47 x (3,948.56 - T)) / 1,091.39
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Alison HardingESOCF196000:40:351051
2Hedley CalderbankHHM195100:42:021038
3Sue HartleyWAOCF195600:42:441031
4Mike BennettHHM195300:43:011029
5Martin SellensSOSM195200:45:441004
6Chris BrownWAOCM195200:46:54993
7Michael BickleWAOCM194800:47:55983
8ray WeekesCHIGM194900:52:47938
9Shona FairchildBOFF195500:53:27932
10David TookeyHHM195300:53:45929
11Tim PribulCHIGM194900:53:58927
12Eliza HermannHHF196100:55:20915
13Nicky NichollsNORF196300:56:26905
14David BallNORM194400:56:57900
15Bruce MarshallWAOCM195200:59:00881
16Kathleen HaynesWAOCF195700:59:16878
17Margaret WilldigODF195300:59:22877
18Dave NormanCHIGM195700:59:35875
19Kim EdenNORF195701:00:59862
20Pauline SmithNORF195901:01:52854
21Sue WoodsWAOCF195701:03:33839
22Louise GoddardSUFFOCF197301:03:47837
23Jacky DakinSYOF196101:05:12823
24Tim EdenNORM195301:05:41819
25Susan HooperHHF195401:05:59816
26John DuffieldHHM194701:07:01807
27Linda KellyCLAROF195701:07:17804
28Hilary SellensSOSF195501:07:36801
29BARRY BREEDHHM194601:07:37801
30John HarrisWAOCM194601:15:33728
31Karen BedwellDVOF196901:15:49725
32Jonathan BookerEBORM197501:16:02723
33David GameSOSM194901:16:41717
34Alison CurtisCHIGF195601:17:00714
35Sally PribulCHIGF195401:20:40680
36Maria MarshallWAOCF195201:29:06602
37Veronica MachinSOSF196101:31:15582
38Patricia SimmonsHALOF195101:34:48549
39Barbara PageHHF196801:38:55511
40Julia PaulNORF195401:47:18433
41Bill MorganNORM194901:50:02408
42Penny ParkesHHF195702:01:44300
-Mick ListonNORM194900:37:33
-Edwin BanksSOSM195200:43:40
-Rachel ThomasSMOCF195501:10:12
-Susan CartonSOSF195401:13:31
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