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SOS Baddow Ridge, 05/11/2023

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Green (length: 4.9km, climb: 100m, 18 controls)

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Point calculations
918.50 + (115.72 x (6,157.83 - T)) / 1,609.14
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Hannah NewtonINDF200200:54:21
2Rhona FraserF200201:07:13
3Helen BickleWAOCF198201:10:041059
4Ian ByfordHHM195801:11:411052
5Finnen GoodingSOSF200701:12:211049
6Bruce MarshallWAOCM195201:16:541030
7David LumbySOSM196101:22:081007
8Helen HagueWAOCF196901:22:311005
9Colin JacksonHAVOCM195901:24:22997
10Steven PartridgeSOSM196901:25:50991
11Alun RobertsBOFM195601:25:53991
12Jos SwanwickM200201:29:27
13Sally WilkinsonSUFFOCF196401:30:11972
14Martin SellensSOSM195201:31:37966
15Geoff GoodwinDFOKM195101:31:56965
16Steven ElliottSAXM195901:32:13963
17Edwin BanksSOSM195201:35:06951
18Jackie SibthorpSOSF196601:38:52935
19Garry ParmenterHAVOCM194601:44:23911
20Philip HagueWAOCM196901:46:10903
21Paul BeckettHAVOCM196101:48:54891
22Harriet MillwardWAOCF197301:53:10873
23Lyn WestSOSF195401:57:06856
24Alastair HouldingSOSM196401:59:27846
25Christopher ChildsSOSM194801:59:57844
26Andrea PaulingSAXF197102:00:09843
27Lizzie HardyF200202:08:18
28Barbara BeckettHAVOCF195502:12:38789
29Gavin Avey-HebditchWSXM195902:20:49754
30Alan CodaySOSM196103:14:34522
-Emma MorumSOSF198701:35:36
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