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Saturday Series 4, 07/01/2023

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Green (length: 4km, climb: 100m, 15 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Dominic DakinSYOM200100:35:41
2Alex RothmanSYOM197900:35:47
3Andy DouglasM000000:38:20
4Anthony HornM000000:44:57
5Simon Choppin000000:45:57
6Robyn StanyonSYOF196600:46:29
7Adam KentSYOM196800:52:18
8Jenny LightfootSYOF197000:55:39
9Luke StangroomM000000:55:44
10Judith CuddenSYOF197500:57:23
11Jim ElderSYOM195000:57:58
12Richard LlewellinNOCM000001:01:16
13Jane Kayley-BurgessDVOF195701:02:57
14Russell BuxtonDVOM195701:04:08
15Ann-Marie DuckworthDVOF196601:05:51
16Rob LastSYOM196101:06:25
17Derek GaleDVOM194401:08:15
18Mike FarringtonNGOCM195501:08:24
19Nigel PickM000001:11:51
20Rebecca DoulasF000001:11:56
21Kim BuxtonDVOF196101:11:57
22Hannah WoodsSYOF197701:12:49
23John MarriottLEIM194801:13:56
24Alasdei BuchmanM000001:14:14
25Vanessa HowsamSYOF197201:15:02
26Cinnamon HodgsonSYOF197001:18:20
27Sylvia BatesSYOF196701:18:57
28Wendy FosterNOCF196201:28:31
29James WetherillEPOCM196801:31:06
30Anne Kayley-BurgessDVOF196601:31:16
31Karen BedwellDVOF196901:33:22
32Vanessa CaudwellSYOF197101:47:27
33John PurkisSYOM195401:48:03
-Ian Bates retINDM000001:10:22
-Roger KeelingDVOM194301:12:37
-Janita MaaranenSYOF197601:22:44
-Jen GaleDVOF194601:48:02
-Adam Long mp000001:01:56
-Becky BallSYOF198001:36:04
-Margaret KeelingDVOF194701:59:43
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