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SYO Regional Event & YHOA School Championships, 21/04/2024

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Blue (length: 6.7km, climb: 30m, 22 controls)

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Point calculations
1,097.53 + (78.67 x (3,469.23 - T)) / 540.99
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1David AlcockAIREM197600:42:091234
2Andrew RidgwayNOCM196200:48:411177
3Toni O'DonovanLEIF197800:48:531176
4Anne MurgatroydAIREF198000:49:461168
5Wayne ByrneRAFOM198000:51:341152
6Benjamin CluderayRAFOM198000:52:091147
7Tanya TaylorLOGF197000:52:231145
8Emma HarrisonEPOCF197200:53:111138
9Steve DempseySYOM196300:53:201137
10Paul BradburySYOM195700:54:101129
11Dean FieldHALOM196300:54:141129
12Peter GorvettSYOM194700:54:311126
13Amanda CrawshawSYOF197000:55:041122
14Chris PennyAIREM196200:55:311118
15Andy SykesDVOM196500:55:351117
16Martyn DeanCLOKM195900:56:021113
17Paul NormanSYOM196200:56:481106
18John HawkinsDVOM195800:57:101103
19Mike GardnerDVOM195801:01:031069
20Rosie WalwynSYOF198201:02:121059
21Clive WilsonSYOM195401:02:291057
22Stuart FraserEBORM199001:02:401055
23David VincentDVOM196101:05:071034
24Robyn StanyonSYOF196601:06:181024
25Alastair PatersonLEIM196701:09:21997
26Mark TipuricWREM196501:12:30969
27Peter HayesMDOCM195801:27:39837
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