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GRAMP Balmedie Regional, 26/02/2023

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Short Green (length: 3.525km, 12 controls)

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Point calculations
934.34 + (52.18 x (4,160.92 - T)) / 786.28
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Neil McLeanGRAMPM194300:51:521004
2Margaret DalgleishESOCF195200:54:22994
3Oonagh GrassieGRAMPF195500:58:09979
4Lynne WalkerBASOCF195300:58:23978
5Judith BellESOCF196900:59:48972
6Chris AustGRAMPM194801:05:40949
7Gerard ThomsonSTAGM195601:08:01940
8Rhona FraserESOCF195801:12:55920
9Peter CraigMAROCM194501:16:17907
10Eleanor PyrahESOCF194401:18:00900
11Rachel MatherMAROCF197501:19:30894
12Anne HicklingESOCF195501:29:01856
13Chloe GrattanTAYF200701:33:08840
14Richard SalwayMAROCM196401:33:50837
15Genevieve JonesMAROCF195002:26:11628
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