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CompassSport Cup Heat, 18/02/2024

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7 (length: 2.425km, climb: 170m, 10 controls)

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Point calculations
991.38 + (69.33 x (3,256.71 - T)) / 714.66
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Eddie HarwoodMORM195200:34:111108
2Ann HaleyINTF196400:37:121091
3Marsela McLeodINVOCF196400:39:441076
4Alison HardingESOCF196000:42:431059
5Peter HallingESOCM195100:43:301054
6Fran LootsTAYF195900:45:431041
7Amelia PetrieCLYDEF195600:45:481041
8Pauline McAdamKFOF195500:45:581040
9Colin MathesonFVOM195400:47:171032
10Roger GarnettESOCM195100:47:181032
11Christine PattersonCLYDEF195900:49:081021
12Ted FinchFVOM195200:49:281019
13Eileen MaxwellRRF196300:49:341019
14Janet WaltonINVOCF196400:49:521017
15Lindsey KnoxRRF195900:50:071016
16Leslie DalgleishESOCM195000:50:571011
17Morag McIntyreINTF195900:54:16991
18Joy CameronMAROCF196000:54:18991
19Robin StrainELOM195000:54:48988
20Sally LindsayESOCF195600:56:51976
21Craig McAdamKFOM195400:57:49
22Fiona DownieTAYF196200:57:57970
23Hilary QuickBASOCF195501:00:29955
24Donald SmithTAYM195101:02:10945
25Dougie CondyMORM195001:02:16945
26Dave CoustickFVOM194501:02:25944
27Jim MoffatKFOM195001:06:10922
28Robert PhilpKFOM194501:06:36920
29Sheelagh NicholAYROCF195701:17:57854
30Jane CherryAYROCF196201:19:54842
31Nicola GardnerFVOF195501:21:23834
32Martin CaldwellESOCM195301:23:18822
33John LewisTAYM194701:33:41762
-Bill StevensonESOCM194901:19:48
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