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SO - SOG A5 - Oldhouse Warren, Crawley, 25/11/2023

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Blue (length: 6km, climb: 150m, 18 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Liam MarshSOM199800:46:54
2Dave CuminsSOM197000:50:50
3Will HeapSOM197300:57:34
4Hal JacobSOM198601:00:29
5Garry GreenstreetSOM197301:00:29
6Peter ChapmanSOM196401:02:28
7John DaseySOM198301:03:30
8Chris HookerSOM196101:03:51
9Ben ChapmanSOM200901:04:11
10Lars Otto NaessSOM197001:05:54
11Nick CareSOM195901:07:58
12Paul LuttmanSOM197201:09:07
13Steve JarvisSOM196301:09:30
14Rob LeathleySOM197301:10:37
15Joseph HerbertMDOCM200401:10:47
16Sean CroninSAXM196601:14:06
17Rob KeetSOM195701:18:40
18Michael MerrittSOM195701:18:51
19Simon BowesSOM196901:20:01
20Darren Warner-SwannSOM196901:20:03
21Peter StubberfieldSOM198101:21:29
22Iain AmblerCHIGM197401:23:25
23Ben LorenzM200401:24:57
24Alex WinnM200601:28:52
25Richard WhitakerSAXM195201:30:19
26Mark SaundersSOM197701:31:50
27Jaime ReedSOM197701:32:36
28David YoungSOM195301:34:07
29Michael TaylorSOM197101:35:54
30Paul WilsonSOM196201:39:08
31Rollo MahonSOM197302:01:22
-Mark McCaughanSOM196901:40:59
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