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N I Colour Series 2, 20/04/2024

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Blue (length: 5.7km, climb: 150m, 22 controls)

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Point calculations
1,057.95 + (48.33 x (4,694.46 - T)) / 691.71
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Liam O'DonnellBOFM200900:46:00
2Brian JohnstonLVOM197201:00:221133
3Richard GambleLVOM197301:04:221116
4Joe McClureLVOM196901:07:281103
5Val JonesFINM195901:07:53
6Olivia BaxterLVOF199001:10:451089
7Stephen GilmoreLVOM196101:12:261082
8Mark PruzinaLVOM196301:13:251078
9Mark EarnshawLVOM196401:17:011063
10Sam GrahamLVOM200801:17:301061
11Emma GrahamLVOF200601:22:241041
12Geoffrey CollinsLVOM196301:23:371035
13Paul L'EstrangeLVOM196601:25:531026
14Greg McCannLVOM196301:28:201016
15Henry MontgomeryLVOM196601:35:14987
16Mark HopkinsLVOM197301:36:45980
17Colin SmithLVOM196601:40:45964
18Des FletcherNWOCM196201:57:20894
-James EwartLVOM201000:48:58
-Anastasia MahlychLVOF200601:20:11
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