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Olivia Andrews

BOF number 153410 | Club BOK | Association SWOA | Current Points - | Current Ranking -
Date Event Course Time Pos. Points Incentive scheme
18/03/23 BOK Local event Light Green 00:42:09 1st Racing Chl: Silver
12/02/23 BOK Local event Light Green 00:42:33 5th Racing Chl: Gold
15/01/23 BOK Local event Light Green 02:11:04 12th Navigation Chl
12/11/22 BOK Local event Light Green 00:43:17 13th Racing Chl: Silver
22/10/22 BOK Local event Light Green 01:26:28
10/09/22 BOK Local event Light Green 01:08:49 13th Racing Chl: Bronze
08/05/22 BOK Regional event and Yvette Baker Trophy Heat Orange 00:41:56 4th Racing Chl: Silver
13/03/22 BOK Local event Orange 01:03:21 10th Racing Chl: Bronze
19/02/22 BOK Local event Orange 00:57:52 3rd Racing Chl: Bronze
06/11/21 BOK Local event Orange 00:38:10
09/10/21 BOK Local event Orange 01:12:05 14th Navigation Chl
04/07/21 Yvette Baker Trophy Final Orange 00:33:30 19th Racing Chl: Gold
13/06/21 BOK Local event Orange 00:30:59 17th Racing Chl: Silver
22/05/21 BOK Local event ORANGE 01:34:49 13th Navigation Chl
16/05/21 BOK Regional event, Mike Nelson BOK Trot & Yvette Baker Qualifier Orange 01:00:15 16th Navigation Chl
25/04/21 BOK Local event Orange 01:15:19
13/09/20 BOK Re-start Local Event (Pre-entry only) Yellow 00:21:00 1st Racing Chl: Gold
29/02/20 BOK Local Event Yellow 00:41:45 11th Racing Chl: Bronze
11/01/20 BOK Local Event Yellow 00:50:37 13th Navigation Chl
24/11/19 BOK Local Event Yellow 00:19:25 4th Racing Chl: Gold
19/10/19 BOK Local Event Yellow 00:17:24 8th Racing Chl: Gold
22/09/19 BOK Local Event Yellow 00:21:52 9th Racing Chl: Gold
12/05/19 BOK Regional Event (Galoppen) Yellow 01:11:30 25th Navigation Chl
28/04/19 BOK Local Event and Avon Schools Champs Yellow 00:18:32 5th Racing Chl: Gold
09/03/19 BOK Local Event WHITE 00:13:45 4th Racing Chl: Gold