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Welcome to the Information for Members page of the Access and Environment section of the British Orienteering website.

Photo credit:  Forestry Commission

This page is used to help share useful resources to help you and your club with the permissions negotiations with Landowners and Managers for staging club activities and events.

Useful Resources and Links

Emma Monkman, says: "Chatsworth had stopped Orienteering events taking place on their grounds there, due to a misunderstanding, this presentation persuaded them to work with us again."





  • International Orienteering Federation Environment and Sustainability Commission (IOF-ESC) can be accessed here.
  • International Orienteering Federation: Orienteering and the Environment Survey can be accessed here


If there is anything that you come across and need specific help with or any additional resources to support you with your discussions with Landowners and Managers, British Orienteering's Access and Environment Officer Emma Monkman would be happy to hear from you.  Email:


Information for Landowners is available here

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