Event Management Team

There is no set staff structure that can be found to deliver the JK. 

Each event is as individual as the courses in each competition – and the people that deliver it.  

Whatever your particular set up, it is key that you select the right team with the relevant skills to take the event forward. It is important to ensure that each member of the team has a clear understanding of what their role entails, what is expected of them, who they are responsible to and also how they fit into the bigger picture that is the JK.


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Orienteering events are to be run in accordance with the Rules of British Orienteering. The Rules of British Orienteering lay down the standards for each level of event and explain the different roles of Organiser, Planner and Controller in the delivery of events. Event Officials must all be British Orienteering members. If not, then they and the event will not be covered under British Orienteering Public Liability Insurance.

All key event officials are required to attend an Event Safety Workshop that provides volunteers with an overview of safety and welfare issues that may arise when staging an orienteering event. The training provides knowledge of the procedures and policies that exist, the practical measures used to manage risk and what to do in the event of an accident or incident occurring.

The composition and size of the Event Management team will depend on a number of factors. The list below is of the possible key roles that might be required. Some may be shared by more than one person; others may be doubled up.

Where possible every team leader & key official should have an assistant or someone who could act as their deputy in the event that they become unable to continue in their volunteer role. It is preferable that this is NOT another member of their immediate family.

Event Officials



Overall Coordinator

The role of the Event Coordinator is to bring together all aspects of a multi-day orienteering event. This role is appointed by the relevant Association and approved by the British Orienteering, Events & Competitions Committee.



Day Organiser

The Organiser has overall responsibility for the specific competition day and much of their role is coordinating the efforts of other people.

The Organiser works with the Planner and the Controller and should try to ensure that the demarcation of duties between the three officials is clear.



Day Planner 

Planners plan orienteering courses designed to meet the needs of all the different categories of competitors who will participate in various competitions.


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At each of the JK events, a Grade A controller will be required. Grade A Controllers are appointed by British Orienteering and are required to provide evidence of maintaining their level of knowledge and experience.



IOF Event Adviser

The IOF Foot Orienteering Commission approves the IOF Event Adviser selected by the host Federation for the WRE. IOF Event Advisers must hold an IOF licence. If possible, an IOF Event Adviser from a neighbouring country understanding the Organiser's language is appointed in order to facilitate contact and reduce travelling costs. In most cases, however, the Event Adviser will come from the same Federation as the Organiser. The IOF Event Adviser’s name should be given to the IOF at the time of WRE application.

IOF Advisor


Internal Communication & Meetings 

It is essential that there is regular internal communication. A Core team may be formed and hold meetings to update the Event Action Plan and ensure that all key members are familiar with and understand the issues and challenges. These meetings are also an opportunity for team members to raise their own points and to share knowledge and experience.

It is expected that 2 whole JK team meetings will be held during the 2 years that it takes to plan and stage a JK. The first meeting should be held at around the 18 months stage and the second at about 6 months before the event date. These are in addition to onsite meetings of the various teams and key officials.


Event Monitoring

Regular communication should take place between the Event Coordinator/Event Organiser and the British Orienteering Major Events Consultant. The Partnership Agreement and event timetable should be used as the basis for monitoring the progress of the event.

Meetings Template


Event Management Team 

Volunteering at a British Orienteering event can take many shapes, from controlling the car parking through to being the Event Safety Officer.
Every job carried out by a volunteer is vital and contributes to the sport and its enjoyment. Some roles require more training than others. Some of the roles and Job Descriptions can be found below:

Arena Manager

Car Park Team Leader

Equipment Officer

JK Entries Secretary

Prize Giving Team Leader

Registration & Enquiries Team Leader

Relay Changeover Team Leader

Safety Officer

Start Team Leader

String Course Team Leader

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Key Contacts 

This section includes lists of internal and external contacts. These lists should be treated as guidance rather than being definitive. 

Meal Voucher JK2016


External Contacts

External Contacts – Miscellaneous

Land Access Environmental Contacts


Internal Contacts 

Internal Contacts – British Orienteering

Grade A Controllers

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Conflicts of Interest

British Orienteering has a legal obligation to act in the best interests of British Orienteering and in accordance with its governing document.


Conflicts of interests may arise where an individual’s personal or family interests and/or loyalties conflict with those of British Orienteering. Such conflicts may create problems such as:

  • Inhibit free discussion
  • Result in decisions or actions that are not in the interests of British Orienteering
  • Risk the impression that British Orienteering has acted improperly.

Conflicts of Interest Policy

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