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This section covers the requirements for the provision of entries, timing and results systems as well as commentary, radio controls and other related systems, such as arena layout.   


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In British Orienteering, the systems contain the Electrical Safety Requirements, Entry, Timing and Results Requirements, Power System Requirements and PA System Requirements (Public Address System).

In Entry, Timing and Results Requirements, it also includes Radio Control Requirements with its principles and a contract.

In PA (Public Address System), it contains Commentary Requirements and Spectator Control Requirements (Venue Planning).


Electrical Safety Requirements

The Organiser has a general responsibility to ensure safety at the event site. Suppliers of equipment and services are responsible for the safety of the equipment they provide. Care should be taken during setup and takedown phases and with any unplanned changes.

Therefore, all reasonable care must be taken to shield users, competitors and 3rd parties from any possible hazard created by any electrical equipment. This includes items such as PA system, generator, computers and printers.

Electrical Safety



Entry, Timing & Results Requirements

British Orienteering has entered into a three-year agreement (2020, 2021 & 2022) with Sportident UK to provide an ‘end to end’ service.

The specification for the tender is in the link below.

Entries and Results Tender



Radio Control Requirements

Radio controls have one function; to send data back to the Arena with information about which competitors have passed through each radio control and when this took place. This will either be transferred via the mobile network or through a cable that has been rolled out to the control box – ie the last control before the run in and/or the finish control.

This data is used to inform commentary so they can report on the race but it can also be used to check whether the last runners have passed a particular point.

Presently there is only one supplier for orienteering event radio controls in the UK.

Guide to Radio Controls

Radio Controls Assignment Details

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Power Requirements

The Organiser has to assess what are the likely power requirements and ensure that there is a safe supply of power for all the functions. In particular, if a Finish arch is used, that is kept up by blown air needing a continuous power supply, this will need a separate power supply to that used for the results processing functions.

Electrical Power Considerations



PA Requirements

PA system (Public Address System), if permitted by the landowner, is to be provided along with radio controls, a spectator control and commentary on the races.


Commentary Requirements

For Commentary Requirements, it contains the layout for commentary, an assignment contract for the commentary team and details of how to conduct prize giving.

Commentary & Arena Layout

Commentary Assignment

JK Prize Giving Information for Commentators

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Spectator Control Requirements

Spectator Controls from a part of the requirements for a World Ranking event. These should be considered at a very early stage of the planning process.

Commentary & Arena Layout

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