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BOK Regional event (& Yvette Baker Trophy heat), 09/06/2024

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Black (length: 6.3km, climb: 345m, 33 controls)

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Point calculations
1,234.25 + (68.28 x (5,481.19 - T)) / 1,044.13
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Adam PotterBOKM199500:58:221364
2Ewan ShinglerINDM200300:59:35
3Luke TierneyUBOCM199901:08:461323
4Romualdas StupelisHOCM198601:16:061294
5Adam FieldhouseQOM199701:17:361288
6Matt HainesBOKM200001:17:451288
7Owain JonesBOKM198101:20:081278
8Jolyon MedlockWSXM197401:23:361265
9Andrew SnellSOCM197401:24:281261
10Robert FieldhouseQOM200301:33:181227
11Richard SansburyQOM196901:40:081200
12Paul CraddyBOKM198101:44:071184
13Gavin CleggWSXM195501:45:391178
14Andrew TindalBOKM196601:47:391170
15Peter ClothierBOKM197001:48:271167
16Pete ShirvingtonQOM197301:56:261136
17Jacob ShirvingtonQOM200901:57:28
18Phil PattulloBOKM197301:59:081125
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