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Double Sprint Day - Milton Keynes, 08/06/2024

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Course 1 (length: 8.7km, climb: 75m, 39 controls)

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Point calculations
1,202.43 + (83.59 x (2,618.65 - T)) / 273.25
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Sam LeadleyODM200000:36:421330
2Glen RichardsonNORM197800:38:231299
3Daniel HodsonHHM199400:39:201282
4Kin Wai LeeHOCM199000:39:241280
5Rowan LeeDRONGOM199700:39:491273
6Adam PooleTVOCM198900:40:371258
7Paul TrussRAFOM198700:41:201245
8Lawrence JonesSMOCM199600:41:461237
9Himmy LauSLOWM199800:41:541234
10Simon LanckhamHOCM199100:42:011232
11Gary PrysbetSMOCM199100:42:431219
12Philip Johnston-DavisRAFOM197300:43:351204
13Simon ErringtonHHM196300:43:361203
14Kay HawkePFOF198300:44:181190
15Alexander LinesWAOCM199500:45:081175
16Mike ChapmanLOGM197900:45:351167
17Oliver BardsleyHHM200600:46:231152
18Ho Chun LeungSLOWM200400:47:011141
19Ben BardsleyHHM197200:47:551124
20Josh BonesLOGM200700:52:401037
21Michael TsangSLOWM199300:55:26986
22Steve CarterINDM198901:06:54
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