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Scottish Orienteering League 3, 09/06/2024

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Black (length: 8.475km, climb: 435m, 13 controls)

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Point calculations
1,319.54 + (62.04 x (5,113.50 - T)) / 953.91
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Luke FisherINTM199701:01:101413
2Scott FraserINTM198901:04:03
3Matthew GoochEUOCM200201:05:501395
4Tom LinesINTM199901:11:501372
5Finlay JohnsonSROCM200201:16:111355
6Iain WhitesideINTM198601:17:381349
7Frank TownleyEUOCM200301:18:531344
8Michael BishendenMORM200601:19:141343
9Ben StevensINTM198701:20:271338
10Sam NewSTAGM199701:22:351330
11Joel AtkinsonELOM200601:24:061324
12Daniel WeaverDEEM200001:24:491321
13Robin GallowayINTM196601:37:451271
14Alison O'NeilESOCF198501:41:471255
15Dan ParkerBLM196201:47:171233
16Ross LyallELOM199202:01:151179
-Gareth WheelerM200301:25:50
-Karen ParkerBLF196301:37:52
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