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Day 1 Icenian Regional Event, 29/01/2011

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Blue (length: 7.56km, 16 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Tom HemingwayWAOCM199600:53:19
2Richard BonnettBAOCM195500:56:381216
3Mark GlaisherSAXM195101:00:351174
4George SimmonsODM199501:01:111167
5Douglas HendersonRRM195101:01:181166
6John HurleyDVOM195501:01:441161
7Michael BickleWAOCM194801:03:221143
8Keith DowningSMOCM195301:05:281121
9Steve RobertsonQOM195301:05:531116
10Mick ListonNORM194901:05:561115
11Maurice HemingwayWAOCM195501:06:231110
12Duncan BoothTVOCM196201:06:351109
13John DuffieldHHM194701:06:411107
14Alan HallidayMORM195401:09:291078
15Martin HoreSUFFOCM195001:09:301077
16Huw GrangeCUOCM199001:10:01
17Chris ClarkeNORM197601:12:45
18Julie Ferris-WorthBLF196701:12:591039
19Bill MorganINDM195101:14:32
20Colin WestSOSM195501:15:261013
21Philip BrownNORM195301:18:48977
22Gerry SpaltonODM194601:18:55976
23Sacha FisherSMOCF197501:19:15972
24Rakesh ChandrakerWAOCM196201:20:30959
25Alex KungCUOCM199001:20:40
26John MiddlerODM195201:21:48944
27Graham PerryHHM196401:21:53944
28Bruce MarshallWAOCM195201:22:16940
29Alan BrettLVOM197401:23:10930
30Phil HalfordSUFFOCM195401:23:16929
31Neil BroughINDM197101:26:15
32Haydn LeakerSMOCM195501:28:19875
33Ian LawsonWAOCM195401:29:53857
34Anthony BiggsHAVOCM194901:45:50686
-James BaldwinRAFOM199001:06:47
-Tracey BarkerSOSF196801:18:11
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