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GRAMP Scottish O League 6, 25/09/2011

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5 Short Blue (length: 4.3km, climb: 200m, 17 controls)

Other courses: 1 Black | 2 Brown | 3 Short Brown | 4 Blue | 6 Green | 7 Short Green | 8 Light Green | 10 Orange | 11 Yellow | 12 White
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Marsela McLeodINVOCF196400:43:571193
2Alison CunninghamFVOF196300:46:301165
3Jane AcklandINTF196400:47:461152
4Trevor RickettsMAROCM196000:48:491140
5Mike RodgersMORM196000:49:221134
6Victoria LonghurstFVOF198900:51:361110
7Ann HaleyINTF196400:51:361110
8Neil McLeanGRAMPM194300:52:521096
9Malcolm AldridgeMORM195700:53:401088
10Philippa WeirMORF196300:56:201059
11Steve SmirthwaiteMORM195800:57:051051
12Dave McQuillenSOLWAYM194300:57:301046
13Jen LeonardFVOF196900:57:301046
14Rachel WilsonCLYDEF196600:59:121028
15Robert PhilpKFOM194501:00:131017
16Ian PyrahESOCM194401:02:04997
17Sheila StrainELOF194801:02:50988
18Peter CraigMAROCM194501:03:13984
19Lesley GomersallGRAMPF196201:03:24982
20Sally LindsayESOCF195601:03:33981
21John LileyGOM195701:04:18973
22Keith RobertsMAROCM195901:04:22972
23Trish CoombsMAROCF195701:04:58965
24Claire MacphersonCLYDEF197901:06:14952
25Penelope SmirthwaiteMORF196001:08:05932
26David EllisonKFOM194501:09:45914
27Rachel ScottGRAMPF196501:10:17908
28Mandy PedenECKOF195901:10:51902
29Janet WaltonINVOCF196401:26:09736
30Jonathan LentonMAROCM195701:26:32732
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