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Compass Sport Cup Round 1, 17/02/2013

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Light Green

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Point calculations
1,038.40 + (129.50 x (3,019.67 - T)) / 935.48
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Timothy HunterLUOCM199600:32:041190
2Rowan CapperLOCM199600:34:481167
3Helen WoodAIREF199600:37:531142
4Barnaby WarrenNNM199600:39:471126
5Alice RigbyCLOKF199700:41:301112
6James AvisBOFM199500:42:111106
7Scott MarshallM199700:43:391094
8Jonathan MortlockDRONGOM199700:44:541083
9Ruaridh Mon-WilliamsAIREM199800:44:55
10Eloise WrightCLOKF199600:45:381077
11Sam AvisAIREM199600:50:131039
12Stuart HootonEBORM198900:57:53976
13Becky BaileyCLOKF199500:59:37961
14Thomas AtheyNATOM199701:00:51951
15Sasha MacKenzieEBORF199501:01:11948
16Megan HarrisonEPOCF199901:05:23
17William LambNATOM199801:07:33
18Jonathan ClarkINDM199601:10:46
19Jenny LambNATOF199601:11:47860
20Ailsa O'DonoghueSOLWAYF199801:13:11
21Oliver WrightNATOM199601:19:18798
22Jonathan LakeyNATOM199501:19:46794
23Steve GibsonINDM000001:44:30
24Janet GibsonINDM000001:44:40
25Helen McChleryINDF000001:44:48
26Martha PicklesWREF199701:47:37563
27Rebecca AppletonCLAROF199702:31:32198
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