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HH Saturday League, 06/09/2014

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Light Green (length: 4.125km, 12 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1David DixonHHM197200:30:09
2Stephen LeeHHM196600:31:01
3Alwyn ChallacombeHHM194800:31:58
4Daniel HubbardHHM000000:32:28
5Colin WebsterHHM195000:32:55
6Alfie BullusODM200000:33:39
7Alex FieldingHHM200300:34:55
8Mark SalmonSMOCM196900:36:34
9Dougie CochranTVOCM196900:37:26
10Graham PerryINDM196400:37:39
11C DrewEBORM194700:42:31
12David TookeyHHM195300:43:11
13Catherine GalvinLOKF196200:43:48
14Tim Bywater-LeesINDM195900:46:51
15Dale BennettHAVOCM196400:46:56
16David PhillipsHHM196900:47:30
17Becky RafteryHHF198400:53:37
18Viv HodsonHHF196400:55:03
19Frances GoldingayHHF194900:57:04
20Jon DoultonINDM195900:59:16
21Nicky HudsonINDW196401:01:44
22Penny ParkesHHW195901:01:47
23Laura + Celia FrickerINDW199301:11:26
24Barbara PageHHF196801:12:16
25Janet HillSOSW195401:12:57
-Liz DrewCLAROF194900:46:10
-Janet BiggsHAVOCF195300:54:47
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