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Caddihoe Chase Day 1 (UKOL), 01/10/2016

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Ben ChestersDEVONM197801:02:161321
2Tim BrittonBOKM197901:04:121313
3Geoffrey EllisRAFOM197601:06:581301
4Will HeapSOM197301:11:191282
5William KromhoutQOM197201:15:141265
6Doug StimsonNWOM198201:26:071217
7Matthew GrantSNM197301:27:371211
8Peter SubaWSXM197401:30:451197
9Tommi GroverBOKM197601:32:241190
10Jeff PakesQOM197201:32:591187
11Philip HarveyWIMM197201:34:311181
12Paul LuttmanSOM197201:36:081174
13John OakesWIMM197201:37:341168
14Scott BaileyBOKM197201:47:261125
15Mark LockettDEVONM197201:54:131095
-Matt WhippleSWOCM198901:06:59
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