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CompassSport Cup Heat, 13/03/2016

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Blue Men (length: 6.225km, climb: 210m, 24 controls)

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Point calculations
1,146.66 + (58.26 x (3,966.96 - T)) / 519.56
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1John EmbreySROCM195800:50:431250
2Mark SeddonSELOCM196200:51:221246
3Paul ChavasseQOM196400:53:301232
4Iain BellDEEM196300:56:351211
5Carla MorrisSOLWAYF200700:58:29
6Richard PayWREM196300:58:501196
7Tony CallowWREM196600:59:391190
8Clive RichardsonWREM196601:00:401183
9David McCannMDOCM196301:00:501182
10Huw LewisDEEM195901:00:531182
11Nigel BeasantDEEM196001:04:291158
12Richard TileyLOCM195801:04:491155
13Alan OgdenMDOCM196001:07:131139
14Nick CampbellDEEM195701:07:161139
15Andy AllenDEEM196501:07:461136
16Andy CampbellDEEM196101:08:511128
17Paul TurnerSELOCM195801:09:241125
18Mark JessonPFOM196601:10:051120
19Graham FarleyLOCM196101:10:101119
20John BrammerDEEM195901:12:141105
21Paul WrightPFOM196101:14:201091
22Kevin BoothPFOM196501:15:571080
23Anthony BrockwayDEEM196001:16:471075
24Stephen MartinLEIM195901:18:521061
25Ray HumphreysMDOCM195901:23:141031
26Andy EllisPFOM196001:25:321016
27Andrew RobinsonPFOM196301:40:33915
28Adam MackridgeDEEM197901:45:51879
29Garry AlexanderPFOM196401:56:51805
30Daniel AllenPFOM196602:16:20674
-David WatheyMDOCM196501:09:44
-Paul BoothSELOCM196401:28:00
-Reg SimpsonDEEM195102:13:56
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