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Highland WOLF Urban Sprint, SOUL 6, 05/09/2015

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4 - M/W 16- AB (length: 1.8km, climb: 6m, 14 controls)

Other courses: 1 - M/W Open | 2 - M/W 40+ | 3 - M/W 55+ | 5 - M/W 12-

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Alastair ThomasWCOCM200000:10:57
2Jake ChapmanMAROCM200000:11:50
3Naomi LangGRAMPF200000:11:59
4Grace MolloyFVOF200000:12:01
5Benjamin ParkinsonFVOM200000:12:13
6Peter MolloyFVOM200200:12:14
7Alistair ChapmanMAROCM200100:12:27
8Lindsay RobertsonEUOCF199900:12:28
9Faisal KhursheedM199900:12:40
10Luke GrahamMAROCM200100:12:41
11Eilidh CampbellEUOCF200100:12:50
12Matthew GoochEUOCM200200:13:24
13Lizzie StansfieldEUOCF200200:13:37
14Patrick HegerRRM199900:13:52
15Marc HegerRRM200000:14:01
16Adam ConwayM200300:14:04
17Pablo Alvarez-IcazaINVOCM200100:14:58
18Kirsty CampbellMAROCF200100:15:02
19James AcklandINTM199900:15:19
20Shauna PerryMORW200100:15:36
21Daniel CampbellMORM200200:15:43
22John GetliffM200100:15:46
23Rachel BrownEUOCF200300:16:12
24Joseph BartlettINTM200100:16:12
25Megan KeithINVOCF200200:16:46
26Megan RickettsMAROCF199900:17:13
27Yousuf KhursheedRRM200100:17:27
28Jennifer SpencerMORF200100:17:52
29Fergus SmithAYROCM199800:17:54
30Peter CollinsMAROCM200100:18:25
31Ailsa AndersonGRAMPF200100:18:34
32Christopher HornbyMORM200000:18:50
33Anna CampbellMORW199900:19:01
34Jenny BlackwoodINVOCF200100:19:05
35Elena HegerRRF200000:19:14
36Kirsty SmithAYROCF200000:20:24
37Ben DempseySYOM200200:20:37
38Amber GrahamF200300:21:35
39Rachel HendrieFVOF199700:21:42
40Claire McGarveyMAROCF200100:25:57
41Louise RyanNo ClubW199400:27:35
-Ben BrownESOCM200100:14:27
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