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CHIG "Michael Brandon" Mitre SE League and National event, 19/11/2017

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Short Brown (length: 8.6km, climb: 155m, 22 controls)

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Point calculations
1,109.71 + (97.28 x (4,858.89 - T)) / 914.63
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Angus HarringtonCUOCM200100:55:021275
2Chris HookerSOM196101:00:131242
3Alan HicklingSAXM196401:07:461194
4David DixonHHM197201:09:101185
5Guy LidburyHAVOCM196901:09:121185
6David FramptonHHM197001:09:331183
7Paul FoxSNM196201:11:001173
8Paul ToddLOKM197501:13:321157
9Sophie JonesUBOCF200201:13:38
10Howard WallerTVOCM196401:16:021141
11Rob WoodsRAFOM196901:19:221120
12Dave RyderSNM196201:21:53
13Derick MercerBKOM196401:24:191088
14Andy RobinsonLOCM195401:25:201082
15Freya AskhamSMOCF197401:26:341074
16David HodsonHHM196401:27:081070
17Fiona TamSLOWF198901:28:451060
18Russell PetersSOSM197601:34:561021
19David HealeHHM196701:36:421009
20Camille RouxSLOWF200101:37:581001
21Ian CatchpoleDFOKM197901:41:46977
22Stewart MillsHAVOCM196301:49:11930
23Rob AskhamSMOCM197401:54:52893
24Peter MartinMVM196101:56:13885
25Mélanie RouxSLOWF197501:58:00873
26Nicolas RouxSLOWM197502:06:01822
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