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LOC April Weekend National Level Middle Distance, 14/04/2018

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Brown Women (length: 4.6km, climb: 230m, 24 controls)

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Point calculations
1,161.80 + (96.64 x (3,237.22 - T)) / 857.37
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Sarah JonesLOCF199600:38:481264
2Julie EmmersonODF199600:40:571250
3Heather MonroCLOKF197100:41:231247
4Aislinn PrendergastSYOF198900:41:461244
5Frances WrightMAROCF199500:42:401238
6Rona LindsayESOCF199400:43:031236
7Kirsten StrainAROSF198600:44:131228
8Anne EdwardsLOCF198900:45:111221
9Toni O'DonovanLEIF197800:46:141214
10Madara BriceAROSF199600:47:261206
11Helen OckendenDRONGOF199700:50:451183
12Catherine BloomLOCF200100:55:531149
13Anna ListerLOCF200001:01:311111
14Leah WilliamsWIGHTOF199701:04:581087
15Isabel BerryBLF198101:07:421069
16Zuzka WindsorDRONGOF199201:11:221044
17Livia WrightCLOKF200101:22:45967
18Lucy FryerBOFF198901:24:33955
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